After Upload


Account classification guide, and common inquiries that can arise from them

3 articles

Future Uploads

How to make sure subsequent and future uploads go smoothly

3 articles

Making Changes to Financials

How to overwrite, rewrite, correct, or start from scratch on a company's financials

2 articles

Best Practices

Tips and Tricks

Tools and shortcuts to speed up your support work

3 articles

Admin Functions

Using administrative privileges in CFO Scoreboard

2 articles

Etiquette and Handling

How to handle support conversations constructively and smoothly

2 articles

Features and Screens

Buyer's Tour

Video run-throughs of the broad strokes for buyers

8 articles

Controls and Settings

How to use drop-down selectors on the main screens, and change company settings

7 articles


How to read and understand the main optics and insights that CFOS provides

11 articles

Trends pages

Understanding and using the Trends pages

5 articles

What If's

Understanding and using What If scenarios

1 article

Other Common Questions

Account / Company Management

Helpers and sharing, transferring ownership, etc.

2 articles


Checking classifications, and handling accounts that go "missing"

2 articles

Upload Support

Accounting Systems Support

We support ALL accounting apps! Some are fully automatic; others require more work

11 articles

Spreadsheet Formatting Requirements

Big-picture explanations of what exactly CFOS is looking for, in your Excel files

6 articles

Error Message Explanations

Want to know exactly what a certain error message means? Look here.

8 articles

Real-World Examples

See specifically how to resolve common errors using realistic example documents

9 articles