Missing One Or More Months

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You are missing one or more months of data in the [Income Statement or Balance Sheet]. The date range being imported must be continuous (it can not skip a month).

Resolutions Steps

Possibility #1 - Upload batch is not continuous with existing data

More often than not, the problem is not in the spreadsheets being uploaded. Instead, the problem is that the date range(s) being uploaded do not connect with what is already present inside the CFOS company being worked on.

A sometimes-misunderstood constraint with CFO Scoreboard is that the entire data set within any given company needs to be continuous. That means you cannot have 2012 + 2014 loaded <-- you are missing 2013 in there, so CFO Scoreboard will error when you try to upload whatever year was the second dataset.

So, in this most common case, you just need to explain to the user that what he/she is uploading needs to connect with what has already been uploaded. Usually this entails their providing or re-trying with a new dataset, which would be exported from their accounting system, or whatever.

Possibility #2 - CFOS is unable to parse certain column(s)

Occasionally CFOS will have trouble picking up a certain month or column, or range of columns. This will create what appears to be a "gap" which is what might trigger this error. Some common causes of this:

  • The pattern for the column headers (which contain the month and year) suddenly changes in the middle of the document, or one column happens to have an extra character, or missing a space, or whatever. Any of these would prevent CFOS from correctly parsing the column.
  • The value(s) in a given column are weird, have special characters, or unusual cell formatting as compared to the rest of the document.
  • A column header itself has an odd cell format, as compared to the rest of the document.
  • A date (month and year) occurs somewhere else in the document, and thereby confuses the parser. Dates can sometimes show up in the document header (as opposed to column header) and these extras will sometimes need to be removed.

(Rare) Possibility #3 - Upload batch actually has a real gap in it

Occasionally or rarely, it is actually true that the user has tried to upload a set of spreadsheets that  do have a gap in them. This doesn't happen too often, but if it's the case, it's easy to remedy -- just correct the issue in the spreadsheet or point it out to the user if the resolution requires the addition of new accounting data (from them of course).

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