Unable to Find Any Account Data

Full message text

Unable to find any account data in the Income Statement / Balance Sheet

Resolutions Steps

Possibility #1 - Weirdness or bad formatting in the document

Usually this error occurs when the layout of the file just doesn't meet the minimum requirements for our parser to understand. For instance, a row of dates could be missing, or there could be more than one columns of accounting names or ID numbers. Or, it might have multiple sheets in the document full of different reporting data. Or, there could be formulae all over the place, special characters, or manually-tweaked values, ad nauseum.

Suffice it to say, usually in these cases, there are many things wrong with the document, and you'll want to point the user to our general How To Prepare Files For Upload solution(s) -- click Solutions at the top and go find it. You'll want to also ask the user what accounting system they're on, just for your back pocket, and gently recommend that the best way forward will probably be for them to review the requirements and then try to re-export.

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