When documents "do not contain any data"

Occasionally you might see this from the importer:

The {Income Statement | Balance Sheet} spreadsheet you uploaded does not contain any data.

This indicates CFOS scanned the document(s) and couldn't identify the key required elements to be able to pull out actual accounting data. Usually this is easily fixed.

Here are a few things to review:

  1. CFOS needs one row of well-formed dates going across the top of the document. The row of dates should not have anything else in it, aside from dates! If you're not sure what comprises well-formed dates, just check here. CFOS won't be able to find where the accounting figures are in the document, if there aren't dates at the tops of those columns.
  2. CFOS needs at least one column of account names that should be to the left of the accounting figures themselves. It's also helpful to make sure that in each accounting row, there is only one cell to the left of the figures, which could be parsed as an account name. Sometimes clients will provide spreadsheets where the first column will contain the account name, the second will contain the account number, the third will contain the GL code, and so forth. This is not optimal and will produce inconsistent import results; these multiple labels should be merged using an Excel TEXT function to concatenate what needs to be retained, and the remainder discarded.

Those are usually the two main offenders here. If you're able to verify those two requirements have been met, check for any other large-scale layout differences between the documents you have, and a "typical" file such as a pair of exports from QuickBooks, which should be easy to find.

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