Automatic vs. Manual Support

CFO Scoreboard Supports ALL Accounting Systems

We designed CFOS to be extremely flexible in the files that it can handle. As a result, it really doesn't matter what system produces your financial statements -- as long as the files can be made to meet our General Requirements, in Excel format, it can be imported!

For this reason, when supporting clients we never say "Your accounting system is not supported." It is always a matter of whether the accounting system is fully-automatic, or requires some manual effort.

We've made sure that some of the world's most popular accounting systems are supported in a fully-automated fashion -- all a user has to do is follow our instructions on how to generate their statements, and those files should import into CFOS with no further friction.

Meanwhile for other less-common accounting systems, there may be some manual work required in Excel to ensure that everything meets the requirements for import. We'll explore this more below.

Automatically-supported Accounting Systems

Here's a list of the accounting apps that we currently have automatic support for -- this means that the user can export the statements from the app, and import them directly into CFOS, with no in-between work needed in Excel:

  1. QuickBooks for Windows (all versions)
  2. QuickBooks for Mac
  3. QuickBooks Online
  4. Acclivity AccountEdge for Mac
  5. Acclivity AccountEdge for Windows
  6. MYOB AccountRight Premier for Windows
  7. MYOB AccountRight Plus for Windows
  8. MYOB AccountRight Pro for Mac
  9. Xero

In order to see the instructions for each of these systems, all you have to do is set the Accounting System field in a user's company to be one of these, and then navigate to the Upload Statements page. Or, just look in this section of the Playbook; we should have all these videos here as well.

Manually-supported Accounting Systems

Technically this list is limitless, since virtually any P&L and Balance Sheet imaginable, from any system, can be made to fit our requirements. But here are some that we definitely have experience with, and have definitely uploaded successfully:

  1. Sage 50 and other Sage-branded apps
  2. PeachTree
  3. Microsoft Dynamics
  4. Great Plains
  5. NetSuite
  6. Manual preparation, e.g hand-recorded Excel files
  7. The list goes on ...

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