Account Settings

Follow this video to understand how to view and work with account management, subscriptions, company management, and sharing options:

The user menu allows you to change the application settings, open a support ticket, and log off.

Let's take a look at the settings.

There are three main sections to the settings dialog. The Account Settings section allows you to change your user information or your password.

The Companies section lets you manage companies within CFO Scoreboard. If you own more than one company, you can use CFO Scoreboard to analyze the financial performance of each of your companies. The type of subscription plan you have purchased controls the number of companies you can manage, and you may add new companies to your subscription at any time.

The top half of the page lists the companies that you own, while the bottom half of the page lists any companies that might have been shared with you by other CFO Scoreboard users.

To learn more about creating and managing companies, view the help mode video on the Company Selector.

The Subscription and Billing section gives you information about your subscription and lets you update your credit card information.

At the bottom of the page is a list of your helper accounts. A helper account is a special kind of account with limited capabilities. The biggest difference between a Helper account and a regular account is that a helper account does not have the ability to create new companies.

Typically, a business owner would set up a helper account so that the accountant or bookkeeper can upload the business' financial statements each month, but you might also want give a helper account to a business partner or advisor if you want them to be able to see the same analysis reports that you do.

The number of helper accounts that you can create is dependent on the type of subscription plan you have, however, you can purchase extra helper accounts if you wish.

To create a helper account, click the Add Helper button and enter the name and email address of your helper. That person will receive an email explaining how to log into CFO Scoreboard.

It's important to know that once you create a helper account, you must then go back to the Company Settings and share a company with that helper. You can have multiple helpers and share one of your companies with one helper but not with the others.

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