Rewriting / Overwriting Existing Numbers

This question comes up all the time, seems very complex, but is actually very straightforward! The answer is:

In order to revise or overwrite financials that have already been uploaded to CFO Scoreboard, simply re-upload the months you'd like to revise

Whenever CFO Scoreboard notices that you are providing a month of data that you've already uploaded before, it will completely overwrite the old month of data with the new month of data. Meanwhile, it will leave the rest of your financial data untouched.

This makes broad overhauls or precise corrections very easy!

If you need to overhaul your entire financial history in CFO Scoreboard:

Simply put together a P&L and matching Balance Sheet that cover the entire date range of what you've already uploaded -- then upload it! CFO Scoreboard will completely overwrite the old data, and replace it with the new.

If you need to make a precise change to just one or two lines in one or two months:

Simply put together a P&L and matching Balance Sheet that cover only those one or two months. Make sure to include all the financials for those months, and then make your amendment to the numbers wherever it's needed. CFO Scoreboard will completely replace all the data in those couple of months, with whatever you're providing in the new documents.

Keep in mind that regardless of whether you are uploading new data, or replacing old data with updated figures, you will always need to provide both a P&L and a Balance Sheet, with a matching date range, just as always. The CFOS uploader will always ask you for both, and you need to provide both.

Important Final Notes

If you are re-loading data simply to rewrite existing numbers and replace them with updated figures, you should only need to upload your data one time to get those overwrites to happen. After the upload you can double-check this by going into the Trends >> Income Statement (or Balance Sheet) areas and making sure that the numbers have updated.

If instead you are re-loading data in such a way that the chart of accounts changes, you should upload the new data more than once. Because of the way CFOS parses and rebuilds the new chart of accounts, it may not "catch" all the new accounts on the first upload. The way you can be certain of this is to watch whether the upload process stops on the Classify Accounts screen and asks the user to categorize new accounts. You should upload the new data over and over again, until the Classify Accounts screen no longer shows during the upload process. That will confirm that CFO Scoreboard "got" all the new accounts, and has recognized and classified all of them appropriately.

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