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Welcome to Help Mode, the easiest way to learn how to use CFO Scoreboard as well as learn critical business skills and strategies and run the business end of your business.

If you're like most business owners, you're spending 10's of thousand each year on accounting and bookkeeping and all you're getting for it is a tax return. What a waste!

This is why I designed and built CFO Scoreboard - to take the mystery and pain out of the process of financial analysis and give business owners true decision making financial optics.

CFO Scoreboard takes the raw data from your accounting system and financial reports and converts all that accounting mumbo jumbo into plain English. It provides you with true financial optics so you can see what is really going on with your business. Our goal is for you to have better optics so you can make better decisions and therefore make more money.

When you boil it down, you don't really care about adjusting journal entries, debits and credits, trial balances and all that accounting stuff. What you want is a scoreboard which will provide you with the tools to:

         Identify the specific mistakes you must avoid to stop sabotaging your Profits and Cash Flow.

         Spot the specific problems in your business which are eroding your Cash Flow.

         Implement strategies to immediately plug the Profit draining leaks in your business.

         Identify the positive trends in your business so that they can be duplicated and sustained.

         Project your business into the future and simulate the key strategies which will have the greatest impact on profits and cash flow.

         Improve your business' financial health and sustainability.

Let me show you how it works.

CFO Scoreboard is divided into four main sections:


         What If

         Trends, and


The Reports section makes your financial statements easy to understand and gives you insights and optics into how your business is really performing over time. CFO Scoreboard highlights the key information that I believe is most critical to you so that you can maximize profits and cash flow.

What If lets you run your business in a simulator. You can see what your business results could be in the next 12 months if you take certain actions and apply the strategies we recommend. What If is also a great prioritization tool to help you identify which specific levers would have the greatest impact on your operating profits and cash flow.

Trends allows you to see your financial statements in a whole new way. It gives you multiple points of comparison over numerous time periods so that you can easily spot where you are getting better or worse in comparison to your previous results. The current month’s results are only meaningful if you have something to compare them to, which is why Trends is one of the four major sections of CFO Scoreboard.

The Coaching section is a series of teaching and coaching modules designed to support you in business education, financial optics and business strategies. Your ability to understand these tools and strategies will lead to better decisions and sustainably driving your business to increased profits and cash flow.  

To get started, upload your financial statements using the Upload Statements wizard. It will walk you though the process.

And if you ever get stuck or need help understanding the reports or using CFO Scoreboard, turn on Help Mode. When Help mode is on, you can click anywhere on the page and a video will appear explaining everything you need to know about that part of the application.  You can’t use the application when help mode is on, so be sure to turn Help Mode off if you want to navigate to a different part of the application.

CFO Scoreboard takes the guess work out of your numbers so you can read the scoreboard, know the score and tell the winners from the losers. CFO Scoreboard provides you with THE most critical optics available for you to make better decisions, become a better business owner and make more money.

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