How It Works

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How it Works

CFO Scoreboard is a cloud based application that allows you to download your historical monthly financial statements into Excel and then upload that Excel file into CFO Scoreboard. CFO Scoreboard does not replace your current accounting system. In fact, we don’t do any accounting at all. Instead, we convert all your accounting financial statement information into useable business and financial optics which will allow you to make better decisions. If you make better decisions, you will make more money.

We have detailed instructions for those of you who are not familiar with downloading or uploading your accounting financial statements into Excel, or we have a support team who can assist you.

You can upload as many monthly income statements or balance sheets as you want analyzed and you will update this information monthly going forward so that you can easily see your most recent financial performance and trends.

We will send you monthly reminders and alerts about critical areas of your business that you should be focusing on to improve your business’ profits and cash flow. In addition, we have a support team available to help you analyze your business and coach you on key strategies you need to focus on to improve your business’ financial results.

Included with CFO Scoreboard is a robust tutorial video series that teaches you critical distinctions about understanding your numbers and using them to make better business decisions. Many of these tutorials are in the Coaching section of CFO Scoreboard and additional video tutorials are embedded into the Help file. Of course there are also videos to support you in uploading your financial statements and getting CFO Scoreboard set up.

Your copy of CFO Scoreboard includes an example set of financial information which gives you the ability to experiment with the software and not only see how it operates, but more importantly understand the power of understanding exactly where the financial problems are in your business, how much it is costing you and what to do about them.

Each CFO Scoreboard license is for 12 months and is for one company and two users. Additional companies and additional users can be added at any time.

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