1. Setting up Date Headers

Make Sure There's a Good Row of Dates

In order to begin identifying account data in your file, CFO Scoreboard needs to find a row of dates. CFO Scoreboard uses the dates to "get oriented" and identify which columns contain accounting data to be imported.

The row that contains these dates needs to have nothing in it except for a series of "headers" over each column. We accept a variety of header formats, but at minimum we need to see the month and year over each column.

At the same time, it's usually important that dates  do not show up elsewhere in the file. Sometimes accounting systems include dates in the header or footer of a document, and these can "confuse" our parser as it searches for column headers.


Take a look at these files below, and see if you can find the problem:

The error we saw is:   Unable to find any account data in the [Income Statement or Balance Sheet] that you uploaded.


Three fixes were necessary to resolve this error:

  1. Cell A7 had Account Description in it; this needs to be deleted, because it prevents CFO Scoreboard from reading the date headers in the rest of row 7.
  2. Cell E3 had extra date information as part of the document header; this needs to be deleted in both documents.
  3. At the bottom of both docs you'll find a footer which says Date Printed: 17 September 2014. This also needs to be deleted.

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