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Learn The Ins and Outs of the CFO Scoreboard Parser In Just a Few Minutes

When good accounting data is fed in, CFO Scoreboard will provide outstanding optics and insights to business owners. But like any analytical machine, it is crucial that the data makes its into the application in a way that is smooth, well-formed, and without errors. As a CFO Scoreboard coach, accountant, or support analyst, your role is critical to making sure that our users "make it over the hump" and get their accounting data into the system. Sometimes this job is simple, and at other times it can require some persistence.

This guide was assembled to allow newcomers to quickly learn the basic "expectations" that CFO Scoreboard has for the files that are fed into it, and to begin gaining confidence in reading error messages, troubleshooting, and making fixes to spreadsheets as needed. The following exercises will probably require less than an hour of your time, and possibly much less if you're fast.

Quick Notes on Terminology

Every time you upload, you need to provide both an Income Statement and a Balance Sheet, in a matched pair. We use a few terms and shorthand words to refer to these:

  • In general, one round of these two documents is called a "batch".
  • If you're an accountant, you probably already know that an Income Statement can also be called a "Profit & Loss". We use these terms interchangeably. For short, this can be "P&L", or even just "PL".
  • To refer to these documents quickly, we sometimes additionally use the terms "IS" and "BS". No pun(s) intended.

What Happens Next?

In the following exercises we will present one "expectation" at a time. To make sure you understand how these expectations (or requirements) play out in the real world, we've provided demonstration cases for each. Your job will be to download the provided demo files for each requirement, attempt to upload into your CFO Scoreboard account, and then make any fixes that might be needed to resolve the errors you'll see.

Through this process you'll be able to "stack" your understanding of how the software works, and build to a high level of proficiency in just a few minutes.

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