If you can't download import history files

CFO Scoreboard automatically saves a server-side copy of every single file that our users have ever tried to upload -- at least, as long as the target company still exists in our system.

When a support ticket is created from the Whoops page, we add a link to the ticket, which allows you to download IS and BS for that particular error.

If you find yourself clicking on those links, and instead see a message that A general server error has occurred, you might be a little puzzled.

But, the solution is simple: you are probably either logged in as an ordinary CFO Scoreboard user, or you are currently impersonating one of the same. You won't be able to download the stored historical files from these states, because you need to be logged in as a CFO Scoreboard Administrator in order to do so. To fix this is simple -- just hit Stop Impersonating or logout and log back in under your normal admin account.

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