How to Delete Data and/or Start Over

Currently there is no way to delete financial data that you've already uploaded into CFO Scoreboard

You can certainly overwrite any previously-uploaded data by following our straightforward instructions on that.

But if you or your client absolutely need to remove some months of data that have already been supplied -- well, currently there is no way to do that. The only way forward would be to create a new company, starting with a blank slate.

However, that isn't always as hard as it seems.

How to start over from scratch with a new company:

We will assume that the client only has one company in their subscription plan. Obviously this gets a little easier if they're allowed to have more than one company.
  1. Make sure you have a record of all Excel files that need to be re-uploaded into the new company, once the old one is gone.
  2. Take a screenshot of the Edit Company Settings panel, or make a note of those settings.
  3. Take note of any saved What If scenarios, and take screenshots of each.
  4. Take note of anything saved in the Edit Employees & Units Sold screen (accessible via the Companies >> Actions menu) and save those values if they're not easy to re-enter.
  5. Finally, when you're sure everything is secure, delete the company (accessible via the Companies >> Actions menu)
  6. On the same screen, go ahead and re-create the company, referencing all the Company Settings that you previously recorded.
  7. Begin uploading the new statements. It will go faster and more easily if you can consolidate as many months as possible into as few documents as possible -- ideally just in one batch!
  8. Once the new statements are uploaded, classify all of them and mark Payroll and Owner's Expense accounts as appropriate.
  9. Rebuild any What If scenarios, and reload Employees & Units Sold, as appropriate.

That's it! The company will be running as good as new, with all the old undesired data having been properly cleaned out.

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