Save Your Clients From the Brain Damage

For best results, help your clients "over the hump"

Our clients are business owners and entrepreneurs, and they have a thousand things on their minds. Most likely they didn't go into business because of their great technical understanding of Excel and financial data parsing. For that reason we always make it a point to ease the "brain damage" that can occur during the initial onboarding and first uploads with CFO Scoreboard. It can be a little complicated! Make the learning curve a little less steep for them.

In general, here are some best practices:

  • If a client has never uploaded before, and they are hitting errors, you should personally step in and take a look at the file yourself. If it's something you can identify and resolve, do so yourself instead of pushing the job back on the client!
  • If the solution requires more data from the client's accounting system, or a special kind of export, make use of our learning resources and try to ask them very specifically what's needed.
  • Be willing to interface with the client's bookkeeper, assistant, or third-party accountant if needed; doing so will usually be more productive than talking to the owner him/herself, because a bookkeeper will usually be more happy to talk on technical and precise concepts.
  • Whenever you provide a fix to a spreadsheet, go ahead and upload it for them, unless you have specific and important reasons to avoid doing so.
  • Whenever you provide a solution or explanation, check back a few days or a week later to make sure the help was adequate and useful.
  • If an email exchange gets too long or complex, make the offer to do a phone call or screen share.
  • Do not ever say "we don't support your accounting system". This isn't true. Check here for clarification.

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